When using valves, FEITE gaskets are often replaced depending on the situation. There are often washers: rubber flat washers, rubber O-rings, plastic flat washers, PTFE wrapped washers, asbestos rubber washers, metal flat washers, metal shaped washers, metal sheathed washers, wave washers, winding washers and so on.

FEITESEAL’ the special spiral wound gasket, oblong shape spiral wound gasket, the material is also special, solid metal inner ring, element sealing is metal tape + non-asbestos filler, outer ring is spiral winding to instead of solid metal.

Packing, also known as the static sealing packing, is usually braided from relatively soft fiber yarn. Usually, square、rectangular or rounded sectional area is filled into the sealed cavity. 1. Concept Packing, is usually braided from relatively soft fiber yarn. Usually the cross-sectional area is square or rectangular, and the circular strips are filled in the […]

Happy New Year 2019

January 9, 2019

Dear all friends, FeiteSeal wish all of friends and customers happy new year in 2019. 祝 阖家欢乐,心想事成!

1.Neoprene CR FEITESEAL Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is suitable for corrosion of acids, bases and salt solutions that are resistant to moderate corrosion. Good corrosion resistance to commercial oils and fuels. However, the corrosion resistance of strong oxidizing acids, aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons is poor. Recommended operating temperature -51 ° C ~ […]