Aramid Fiber Packing

Yellow Aramid Fiber Packing is braided from high quality aramid fiber / kevlar fiber with PTFE impregnation and lubricant additive - FEITE Sealing Packings Series - Made in China FeiteSeal - Aramid Fiber Packing Ring is available.

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Braided from high quality Dupont Aramid / Kevlar fiber with PTFE Impregnation and lubricant additive. Extremely hard wearing. It shows good chemical resistance, high elasticity and very low cold flow. It is wear resistant but may damage the shaft if not used properly. A minimum shaft hardness of 60HRC is therefore recommended. Compared with other kinds of packing, it can resist more severe media and higher pressure. The packing is also lubricated with a silicone-based compound for quick and easy break-in.


It is a universal packing which can be used for pumps in all types of industry such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and sugar industries, pulp and paper mills, power stations etc. It is also a durable packing able to withstand granular and abrasive applications, it is recommended for serve in superheated steam, solvents, liquefied gases, sugar syrups and other abrasive fluids.For hot water applications it can be used un-cooled up to 160°C. It can be used as stand-alone packing also combined with others as anti-extrusion ring.

Aramid Fiber Packing / Kevlar Fiber Packing with PTFE


Pressure: Rotating 25 bar | Reciprocating 150 bar | Static 250 bar
Shaft speed: 25 m/s
Density: 1.4 g/cm3
Temperature: -200~+280°C
PH range: 2~12


Any sizes in coils of 5 to 10 kg, other weight on request.

P230r – Kevlar Fiber / Aramid Fiber Packing Ring is available.

Pure Aramid Fiber Packing without any impregnation and lubricant