Non-rounded Spiral Wound Gasket

Non-rounded and special shape spiral wound gasket, OVAL, Oblong shape etc. it can be add inner ring and outer ring.

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DESCRIPTION: FEITESEAL G112 , Shapes of Non-rounded Spiral Wound Gasket:

Oval and Oblong Spiral Wound Gasket for boilers handholes and manholes. There is no specific standard for this style of gasket. When ordering it providing complete specifications is required. Including inside dimensions (A*B), width (b) and thickness (s) or a drawing

Gasket ordering example
Spiral Wound Gasket Oval (or oblong)
Winding: SS316L
Filler: Graphite

Normally special shape of Spiral Wound Gaskets need to prepare the molds first. When you purcahse order, please checking with sales team about the condition of the molds. If there’s prepared molds, it’s better to save the addtional charge.

Package of Non-rounded Spiral Wound Gasket