Ring Joint Gasket

Ring Joint Gaskets can be called RTJ,Type R,RX,BX Ring,R Shape Oval, Octagonal,Metal Ring Gaskets - CiXi Feite Sealing Material Co., Ltd. China Gaskets.

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Gaskets are machined from solid metal in a variety of shapes and designed for high pressure, high temperature or highly corrosive applications by selecting the most suitable material and shape. It is designed to withstand exceptionally high assembly loads over a small area, thus producing high seating stresses.

Ring Gasket Shape:OVAL, OCTAGONAL, R, RX, BX, LEN, Special as drawings.

Metal Gasket Material:Soft Iron, LCS, F5, SS304, SS316, SS321, SS347, 410, 31254, Monel, INC825, INC625 etc.

Dimensions:Standards for Ring Joint Gasket used with flanges
>RTJ standard ASME B16.20, API 6A
>Flange standard ANSI B 16.5, ANSI B 16.47 Series A, API 6B, API 6BX

Order Example:

Ring Joint Gasket, OVAL, R24, Material 316L, Qty 100pcs

Ring Joint Gaskets Material Hardness Table:

Material Maximum Hardness (BRINELL) Temperature(℃)
Soft Iron 90 530
Low Carbon Steel 120 530
4 c6% Chrome以来摩尔(F5) 130 500
304 Stainless Steel 160 750
316 Stainless Stee 160 750
321 Stainless Stee 160 750
347 Stainless Steel 160 750
410 Stainless Steel 170 500
31254 Stainless Steel 160 650
Monel 140 600
Inconel 825 160 1000
Inconel 625 180 1100