Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral Wound Gasket

Metal spiral wound gasket is made from metal strip spiral winding with non-metallic material filler, and support rings are available inner and outer metal ring - CiXi Feite Sealing Material Co., Ltd.

W Type Spiral Winding of Spiral Wound Gasket

W-shape type spiral winding of spiral wound gasket, is formed of W-shaped metallic stripe and soft non-metallic filler, the normal spiral winding is V-type.

Non-rounded Spiral Wound Gasket

Non-rounded and special shape spiral wound gasket, OVAL, Oblong shape etc. it can be add inner ring and outer ring.

Inner and Outer Ring of Spiral Wound Gaskets

We also can be processed for inner and outer ring of Spiral Wound Gasket. We make the inner and outer ring by punched for size small then 14 inch, and by lathe for large sizes. If some material is costly, for example SS304, SS316 etc., we can make it by bending and welding with low cost, if the seal face is narrow.